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Important Considerations For Molluscum Treatment

Molluscum is a common skin problem caused by a virus known as poxvirus. You should note that this disease is contagious and can be transmitted in different ways. This disease commonly affects people sharing personal stuff. Some of the affected areas are buttocks, abdomen, chest, eyelids, groin, and much more. There are no serious symptoms that are associated with this disease live weaknesses or fever. In fact, some symptoms are minimal and just include itchy skin and brown pumps. You need to seek help cure molluscum contagiosum from qualified doctors. The following are key considerations for molluscum treatment.

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If you have a lot of lesions, the more immunomodulatory or topical therapy should be administered. If there is a few molluscum or single lesion, then destructive methods such as cryotherapy or curettage are ideal choices. For widespread involvement, therapy is the best choice. When lesions are in different parts of the body such as legs or arms, you can consider any form of treatment. However, if the virus affects the genitals or face, you may need to use topical treatments.

Urgency for resolution

The method of treatment is mainly dependent on the urgency for resolution. You should note destructive methods come with discomfort but offer a rapid resolution. Observation alone takes several months, and topical therapies take several weeks to achieve full success.


This skin disease affects three groups of people: immunosuppressed individuals, children, and sexually active adults. When considering different forms of treatment, you need to realize that destructive techniques can be quite painful. Thus, for young children, alternative treatments that do not cause pain or discomfort out to be used.


Various molluscum treatments come at with health insurance cover, most of these procedures like liquid nitrogen, surgical excision, and curettage are covered. However, topical therapy and other similar treatments will cost you office visit and cost of topical solutions. Some procedures need extra visits. Nowadays, you can also find over-the-counter products.

Pain tolerance

Pain is an itg23wed76y2w78eui2ssue for many people. Thus, there is a need to consider therapy treatments such as Retin-A that do not cause pain. If you can withstand a lot of pain, then you can undertake destructive methods such as surgical excision, cryotherapy, and curettage. Also, these methods are great if you are after rapid results.

It is advisable to consult experts before you undergo any treatment method. Moreover, consider the above factors and take into account the cost of treatment.

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