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Beginner’s Guide To Skateboard Wheels

Riding a skateboard can be an exhilarating, powerful and liberating experience especially for a first-time rider, right until you fall when people are watching. Skateboarding can be challenging yet a rewarding experience. You need to learn to skateboard without appearing like you are trying too hard which is un-cool. As a starter, knowing that Skateboard wheels are an essential component is crucial. Right from learning how to stand on the skateboard comfortably, how to maintain balance and how to ride, this guide provides you with all the information you will need to ride efficiently.

Beginners Guide to Skateboard Wheels

Staying on the board

The most common mistake madeboard by most beginners is trying to jump and perform tricks before they learn the fundamentals. First, set the board in a stable position on the ground where it does not roll then put the first foot in front of the other foot. Try to stand on the board without falling.

You can use the regular foot where you place the left foot forward and use the right foot to push while you ride with the left.

Push off

Stand on the skateboard with one foot forward then push with your back foot so as to create momentum. Start with short stabs and make the stabs longer as you go on all while trying to stay balanced. With each push the ride becomes smoother.

Assume the riding position

Try to shift the riding foot sideways while moving. Then bring the pushing foot to a rest slowly on the fishtail at the back part of the board. You can bend your knees slightly, but the rest of the body needs to be standing upright and try to balance to a safe and stable position.

Learn to turn

boardShift the body forward from the ankle to move right or left. You can use kick turning to avoid obstacles. Apply slight pressure on the tail using your back foot, so the skateboard is lifted to the front then pivot the body to the direction you want to take.

Ensure you do not put excess pressure on the tail as the board could slip.

Learn to stop

The most efficient way of stopping a skateboard is by gradually slowing down then putting one foot to the pavement. Alternatively, you can be shifty your body weight to the back foot and make a stand on the tail of the board then grind to stop using the tail.…

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