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Features Of Marijuana vaporizers To Consider

If you are a marijuana fun and want to enhance the experience, choosing a marijuana vaporizer is the best choice. The vaporizers come in different shapes and functionalities. Even with this differences, any one of them have an enhanced experience from the normal smoking. If you are interested to review some of the best weed vapors then visit, vaporizerforweed.org. Well, with this then, what features would you be looking for? Basically, it is the features that would suit the experience desired. So, below are some of the common features of a weed vaporizer.

Features to consider when choosing a weed vaporizer

Method of Heating

Heating is one of the top considerations as it greatly determines the overall experience. Both conduction and convection heating methods are used. In conduction, the herbs come in direct contact with the heat while in the convection, heated air is passed through the weed. The larger non-portable vaporizer units mostly use the convection method which is considered the best anyway. The weed is heated evenly giving a smooth and leveled weed experience. Conduction found mostly on portable styles requires stirring of the weed occasionally during the vaping.


Portable or Non-portable

Sooner or later all vapers need to make this decision. Having both is ok, but only one can be used at a time. Well, the non-portable are large versions and will come with enhanced features. They offer inhaling options even to include water pipe extensions and balloons. The portable ones are better for people who are mostly on the go, but they give limitations in power and inhaling options.

Temperature regulator

It gives an experience one can never get from the original standard weed smoking. The power to enhance the amount and taste of smoke is in your hands. Due to technology sophistication, some automatically set the temperature depending on the inhaling speed while others come with attractive digital displays. However, the manufacturers will tend to guide on the best temperature to give maximum experience.

Power source

Almost all portable vapes come with a chargeable battery, and many factors determine how long they will last. However, some old models rely on butane, but this is slowly coming to an end. The non-portable ones use the wall power as they do not need to move. When buying portable ones, it is important to consider how well the battery is going to last during your away trips.


Other accessories

The vaporizers usually come with other separate accessories that to enhance the weeding experience. They may include and extra battery, protective case and cleaning brush.