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Use Of Social Media To Market And Promote Products

Internet marketing has significantly changed the world of doing business today. Taking advantage of millions of people who access the Internet on a daily basis, this approach proves to be very effective. Social marketing is one part of this broad strategy and has gained popularity in the last decade take advantage of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram just to mention the common ones. People market either products or goods using these channels and reap benefits within a short time. This article will highlight on how.

Using social media to market products


It is one of the most popular and commonly used to perform these tasks. Most products will have a page that frequently updates on relevant information relating to the product or service. A product facebook profile will require’ followings’ and ‘likes’ to prove its popularity. Therefore, it’s upon the owner to ensure that their products have enough following to keep comments coming after posting updates and information.

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  • More people are using Facebook in the world
  • Ease of use in updating the page and profile
  • One can use images and videos
  • Creates customer – client interaction through comments


This social media site has been around for a shorter period that the other big brothers. However, it has gained a surprising popularity in the recent years. People use more pictures and images to share their thoughts that texts. Companies can now create professional profiles through the recent upgrade so that products can appear professional.


  • Powerful image use platform promote a product
  • Can draw a huge number of followers within a short time
  • It is easy to post information and have others follow you


Twitter is one of the best platforms to get the most up to date information as it keeps it coming. People can use this to promote their products with the famous ‘hash’ tags and twitter handles. The ‘happening now’ updates are also a popular way of keeping your fans updated.



  • Best to update the current events regarding a product
  • One can generate followers within a short time
  • Powerful marketing tool
  • One of the best to backlink for more information

The above three social media platforms are the most popular but not the only ones used. Others like LinkedIn also offer an excellent chance to showcase a product to the professional world. Those companies and individuals who have embraced the use of social media have seen ten folds improvement on sales.