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Postnatal Massage for New Mothers

Caring for your newborn might be your first concern after giving birth, but you should also learn to take care of yourself. As a mother who just gave birth, you have some challenges to face – physical, psychological, and wellness hurdles that post natal massage singapore can help you overcome. The massage is done by professional massage therapists.

Physiological Postnatal Care

Even before you were pregnant, you always took care of your body and your physique – and this task is more significant now that your body just underwweqweqeqent one of the life’s most dangerous and strenuous processes. You could be experiencing aches, pains, and tumultuous internal changes caused by lingering hormonal imbalances.

Malay massage is a traditional eastern massage reserved for postnatal care, where it is used in conjunction with other traditional practices such as postpartum wraps. It soothes sores and helps the body relax and heal itself – and used alongside oils, herbs, and other wellness tools, you can be certain your physiological postnatal care basics are covered.

Postnatal Stress Relief

Aches, sores, and pains are not the only discomfort you will experience after giving birth, however. Your still raging hormones will lead you to become more easily stressed as you are more easily tired in your current state. This stress can accumulate with devastating results, such as postnatal depression.

The art of Malay massage – being a holistic wellness practice – helps reduce stress levels within the body. Better yet, as its traditional roots are tailor suited for postnatal care, it can potentially work better than other wellness massage therapies.

Psychological Postnatal Care

After taking care of your body’s pains and you’re the stress your mind is under, there is one more item in the itinerary that most new mothers are greatly concerned over getting back in shape. Being a mother does not entail being less beautiful or confident than you once were, and most parents are challenged with the task of getting their figures back after childbirth.

we3qweqwewqThe core function of traditional Malay massage along with the many other traditional implements that accompany it is to prepare for postnatal fitness, with one focus being the re-acquisition of a mother’s “pre-baby” figure. It is one of few massages designed specifically with this endeavor in mind.

Birthing a child into the world is a rewarding experience, but it is also a very difficult process that has long- lasting effects. Caring for the mother as a woman is important after birth when physical changes from within and without cause significant discomfort and stress.

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