Author: Bertha Haygood

Healthy teeth hygiene

Teeth are usually the hard bodies that are attached to the upper and lower jaws. They serve as body organs for prehension and mastication of food. Teeth are not made up of bones, but rather multiple tissues of different destiny and hardness. Ensuring an oral health can help fight out many illnesses within your immune system. Some of the affordable services offered include dental implants, gum diseases and also tooth extraction.


Dental implants

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots that are placed into the jaw to support dental prosthesis which is the crown, bridge, and denture. Having missing teeth feels uncomfortable, and also may lead to problems within the bone structure. A gap left after losing a tooth leaves your jaw without the support it needs to keep your facial shape correct which requires a professionally applied dental implant.

Gum diseases

A gum disease is a gum line inflammation, especially as a result of injury or an infection. It progresses to strike the bone that supports and surrounds our teeth. There exists 3 phases of gum diseases from the least to the most sensitives which include gingivitis, periodontitis, and advanced periodontitis.teeth

  • Gingivitis – This disease occurs early, caused by dental plaque and floss buildup at the gum lines. Some of the symptoms noticed may be gum swelling or possible traces of blood while brushing. At this stage, the gum disease is easily reversed since the bone and the connected fiber tissues which support the teeth to its initial place, are yet to be infected.
  • Periodontitis – During this stage, the bone and the tissues that support the tooth in place become irreversibly damaged. Professional therapy and improved personal dental care hygiene can prevent further damage.
  • Advanced periodontitis – This is the last and most sensitive stage of the gum disease. The bones and the fiber tissues supporting the teeth become destroyed, hence causing your teeth to loosen up. A professional periodontal dental therapy can help in remedying the teeth.

Tooth Extractionteeth removal

It is the teeth removal from their dental sockets. Extraction of teeth is mainly performed ascribable to the decay of the tooth, dental trauma or periodontal disease, particularly after they are related with a toothache.


Always ensure proper brushing of your teeth after every meal to enhance dental hygiene.


A well professional cleaning processes by a dentist is the main way of ensuring plaque or dental floss that might have stuck on our teeth are removed. Always schedule a regular checkup to enhance a healthy teeth hygiene.